Erika Green, BS, EMT-P


A self proclaimed multipotentialite (see TED Talk), Erika Green found practical application for her varied interests as the Director of Service Operations at Call9. She arrived at Call9 as a recent graduate of the Paramedic program at St. John’s University, looking to utilize clinical skills in a different setting. Since that September day in 2015, straddling the line between taking care of patients and taking care of the team, Green has been pivotal in the development of the Clinical Care Specialist (CCS) team.

In leading the CCS team, Green focuses on highlighting opportunity and spotlighting career paths in largely uncharted territory. She challenges her team to embrace evolution, think innovatively and “put the patient first while keeping the team in focus”—the mantra of the CCS operations team and a spin-off of CEO Tim Peck’s well-known motto of, “put the patient first and all else will fall into place.”

Working as a Physical Therapy Tech during college, Green obtained certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. During her time at Fusion Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, Erika initiated and directed the Post-rehab and Wellness program at Fusion, which was a program that both challenged clients to reach their fitness goals and generated an additional revenue stream for the growing company.

A three-letter NCAA athlete, Green earned a B.S. from Mercy College, with the intent to combine her fascination with medicine, passion for new pursuits and penchant for “people watching” to leave a meaningful impression.