“Do right by the patient and all else will fall into place”

Comprehensively addressing a patient’s individual needs is the foundation of Call9’s value-based approach. Our interdisciplinary team provides immediate on-site care during an acute change in condition, follow-up care after initial treatment to ensure clinical stability and palliative care that comforts patients and their families as they navigate serious illness.

Mr. D was Call9’s first patient. We were able to treat him early in his emergency event and ultimately save his life, proving the value Call9 brings to nursing home residents. Read the full story


Patient Care

Managing patients’ needs across a continuum of care

Data and experience show us that proactive care driven by evidence-based medicine is the most effective way to keep people healthy, happy and out of the hospital. Call9’s evolutionary approach across the continuum of care seeks to understand which patients are at risk of becoming sicker by focusing on three key elements:

+ Proactive Identification

Call9 works in partnership with our SNF partners to proactively identify clinically complex and acutely ill patients – particularly those who have been transferred repeatedly or required Call9’s services three or more times in a 60-day period. Our clinical team also collects data on all patients who are new admissions to the facility, as national statistics show that the highest risk of rehospitalization occurs within 48 hours of admission. Once patients have been identified, the Call9 provider team proactively collects vitals and completes an initial history/exam. Establishing this baseline understanding of a patient’s physical and mental health status enables us to develop comprehensive datasets that improve predictive algorithms and optimize care plans.

+ Predictive Care Solutions

Call9 leverages historical data from external EMRs, health information exchange (HIE) and our own history of patient interactions to predict who is at the highest risk for hospital transfer. Using data analysis and machine learning techniques, we’re able to anticipate overall patient acuity across the service, as well as anticipate expected resource utilization, in order to ultimately provide better outcomes for patients.

+ Reactive Intervention

When patients do experience an emergency event, Call9’s on-site staff and remote provider team are available immediately to care for them in the comfort of their nursing home bed. When a patient meets INTERACT® acute change in condition status, the SNF staff “activates” the CCS, who goes to the bedside within minutes and connects to a Call9 provider via Call9’s real-time patient treatment tools. As patients return to baseline, they move to follow-up status and are monitored for 1 to 2 days following initial treatment to ensure clinical stability and to foster a smooth continuum of care.