How To Get Started With Call9

Call9’s innovative hybrid care model has proven highly successful in the New York market and is scaling throughout the country. As we expand to new markets, our focus is in partnering with SNF leaders interested in reenvisioning the patient experience. SNF Assist, Call9's patient care data platform, provides value in the following ways:

  • Gain Exposure. Access to SNF Assist will expose your SNF to the power of Call9’s technology, generating analytics about your facility to inform your operational and medical decisions. Over time, industry-wide data trends will be customized to your facility, delivering best practices and medical-decision learnings specific to your patient population.  

  • Secure Your Place In Line. Thousands of SNFs nationwide have sought to secure the Call9 service; do you want to be the first in your market? By joining the SNF Assist network, you’ll both ensure you’re prioritized in the queue and help us assess if partnering your facility with Call9's services can deliver optimal value for both parties.

  • Start Now. Why wait to begin the implementation process? SNF Assist serves as the entry point for our 24/7 on-site service and allows us to show you how to prepare for introducing this innovative model at your facility.

Step 1: Activate SNF Assist

The first step in the process of partnering with Call9 is to activate SNF Assist, a proprietary integration with your facility’s EMR that delivers valuable insights and enables you to make data-informed decisions to provide the best care for your patient population.

Leverage the power of Call9’s technology to identify your facility’s highest risk of transfer to the hospital so you can devote the necessary resources to prevent avoidable transfers.

Step 2: Contracting and Implementing Call9’s 24/7 On-Site Service

Continue enjoying SNF Assist. We’ll communicate with you when our 24/7 service will launch in your market, and you’ll have a prioritized opportunity to connect with the full suite of the Call9 solution. Our simple two-part contract, which includes full opt-out language, will be the kick off to a full on-site implementation.

Step 3: 24/7 On-Site Service Go Live

Congratulations! You’re now experiencing the value of Call9’s comprehensive 24/7 services.

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