Delivering Compassionate Care

Unnecessary emergency room visits can be taxing on the mental and physical health of our loved ones. At Call9-enhanced facilities, patients avoid trips to the emergency department in 80% of our treatment encounters, all while receiving the compassionate, quality care you want and they deserve.


Call9 Clinical Care Specialists are on-site and available in nursing homes and rehabs 24/7, connecting patients to Call9 Emergency Doctors in minutes. In 80% of encounters, Call9 is able to keep the patient in the comfort of his or her nursing home bed.


Call9 provides a patient-centric care model that gives physicians time to establish a meaningful connection with those we treat. We work collaboratively with patients' primary care doctors and families to do right by the patient at the moment of their emergency, and until they get better.


Call9 patients always have the opportunity to engage in Call9 Advanced Care Planning and Palliative Care programs, which ensure that Emergency Physicians are able to treat loved ones with their prepared wishes in mind.

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