What is Call9?

Call9 delivers Emergency Medicine and Palliative Care at the bedside of patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities. Call9 decreases the time it takes for a patient to see an Emergency Physician-led care team from an average of more than 60 minutes to within moments of an acute event.

Call9 was founded by an Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. Timothy C. Peck, who recognized firsthand how many ER trips could and should be avoided, particularly for this vulnerable patient population. Tim chose to leave his promising career and embed himself in a nursing home to develop a solution.

Call9’s Clinical Care Specialists, emergency medicine-trained first responders, are staffed in nursing homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering access to Emergency Physician-led care at patients’ bedsides via Call9’s technology solution. In 80% of Call9 patient interactions, patients are able to receive treatment in their nursing home beds, avoiding unnecessary, costly and often harmful trips to the Emergency Department.

Call9 has seen tremendous, rapid growth. The company moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to New York, bringing its technology talent along, and is now tripling its HQ footprint in Brooklyn. Every month Call9 is adding new facilities and in just over two years the company has treated more than 5,000 patients.


By the Numbers:

Pace of Growth: More than tripled in size in 2017

Number of Patients Treated: 5,000+        

Number of Palliative Patients Treated: 500+

Dollars Saved: $40M+


“This program is fantastic. It saved my life, and I know it’s going to save a lot of other
people’s lives too.”  

— Mr. D, Call9’s First Patient


“Call9 allows us to accept and retain higher acuity patients. Our facility has a sense of
security knowing that a Call9 provider is always available to evaluate our patients. Call9 is the patient’s safety net, and ours, if [patients] require immediate intervention.”

— Kelly Lunghi, RN, Director Of Nursing at St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center