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By downloading the Call9 Data Platform and integrating it with your facility’s EMR (which Call9’s team will seamlessly execute for you), you’ll be able to risk assess your residents, gain a better understanding of which are more likely to be in need of transfer to the hospital and devote the necessary resources to prevent unnecessary transfers.

Call9 utilizes this data platform as an entry point for our on-site service, which has proven highly successful in the New York market and is scaling throughout the country. Our Patient Care Data Platform provides value both by enabling a better understanding of your patients and by ensuring preferential access to Call9’s services when we come to your market.



The new Call9 Patient Care Data Platform™ leverages your facility’s EMR data to identify which residents are at the highest risk for re/hospitalization and provide insights that will help you effectively and efficiently manage resources to provide the highest quality of care.



The Call9 Data Platform will assess which employees are performing above and beyond in service to your residents’ needs and identify the days of the week and times when better resource allocation will allow for superior patient and staff experience. 


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