[Mogul] Call9 Named One of the Top 150 Companies Worldwide for Millenial Women


Reaching gender parity in the workplace by investing in the next generation of female leaders is now more important than ever. With reports being released that only 11% of the highest paid jobs in corporate America are held by women, due to long-ingrained gender stereotypes as well as historically insufficient efforts at retention in the workplace, and 27% of women reporting being sexually harassed while on the job, companies across the US and worldwide are heavily focused on simultaneously creating cultures that support female talent while providing resources that will prepare these individuals to become the next generation of executives. 

[Heritage Provider Network] Meet New York’s Leading Healthcare Innovators

The third annual HERITAGE HEALTHCARE INNOVATION AWARDS is more than a celebration of the best of New York’s health care in- dustry. The program itself has become a changemaker. When finalists gathered for the 2017 awards event, it was an excellent opportunity for networking. These conversations produced their own rewards: a capital infusion for one finalist, and a new client for another.

The HERITAGE INNOVATION IN HEALTHCARE DELIVERY AWARD recognized Timothy C. Peck, MD, CEO and Co-founder of Call9 as an innovator in the development of new modes of diagnosis, treatment, and care who actively improves the delivery of services and improves quality of health care.

 Finalists John W. Rowe, MD, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and Pat Wang, Healthfirst with Timothy C. Peck, MD, Call9

Finalists John W. Rowe, MD, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and Pat Wang, Healthfirst with Timothy C. Peck, MD, Call9

[Crain's New York Business] Timothy Peck Wins Heritage Healthcare Innovation Award

Timothy C. Peck, MD, Call9's Cofounder and CEO, was honored by Crain's New York Business and the Heritage Provider Network with the "Heritage Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Award" at a luncheon on May 21.   

This award recognizes an innovator in the development of new modes of diagnosis, treatment and care who actively improves access to services and improves the quality of healthcare overall.

Heritage Healthcare Innovation Awards

"We have a mission to treat the millions of patients in all 15,600 nursing homes in the US, and to combat the $40 billion of unnecessary spending that’s happening from nursing homes, ping ponging back and forth from the hospital and being admitted," Peck said during his acceptance remarks.

"We’ve started that mission and started to execute on that mission, and there’s no stopping us at this point. Thank you to everyone who’s partnered with us, to our Call9 team, and to the New York healthcare community that has helped us get this far."

[Built in NYC] How 3 NYC tech companies use organized clubs to bring employees together

Call9 is a service that provides emergency care to nursing home patients. When they’re not using technology to save lives and eliminate unnecessary trips to the emergency room, employees have each other’s backs — literally. Software engineer Lilly Shen told us all about the rock climbing group that’s building bonds within the company.


What are some groups or clubs employees participate in?

When I came to Call9, many of the engineers were already rock climbing at a local gym. They brought me to Brooklyn Boulders, and I immediately fell back in love with climbing. I wanted to make it easier for everyone to be looped in when people are headed to the gym, so I started a Slack channel called #ascent. The channel also allows newcomers to schedule a time to go climbing with everyone else.

How does this group help you succeed at work?

Rock climbing helps build problem-solving skills and mutual trust. We literally put our lives in each other’s hands when we belay one another. Sometimes we work on bouldering problems as a group. We share strategies and give each other pointers, which is great because most of us don’t have any formal training. It’s both competitive and collaborative. We look after each other when climbing, which transfers over to work in that we've always got each others' backs.

What’s one group or club you wish you could start at your company?

I wish we had a tea club because sometimes I feel like Mariah Carey at New Year’s.

[Morning Consult] GOP Lawmakers Expected to Draft Bill to Expand Telehealth Services Under Medicare

The House Ways and Means Committee is drafting legislation that would expand the coverage of telehealth services under Medicare, according to a House GOP committee aide, with the goal of addressing a big inefficiency in the U.S. health care system – expensive, unnecessary hospital visits.

A broad coalition of health care stakeholders who are lobbying for the measure says it could save the government a lot of money while improving care for many Medicare beneficiaries.

The bill has yet to be completed. Supporters are optimistic that the legislation could gain leverage on Capitol Hill in spending negotiations this fall because of its potential to save money.

  (Blend Images - JGI/Tom Grill)

 (Blend Images - JGI/Tom Grill)

[Built In NYC] Productivity hacking: 7 developers share their best tips

As a software engineer at Call9, Tapley Stephenson helps build technology used to treat elderly patients in emergencies. He recommends people invest in helpful tools for avoiding distractions.

How do you stay productive throughout the day?

I’m most productive when I can focus deeply on a task, so I use tools that minimize distraction. My favorite tools are my noise-canceling headphones, an ErgoDox EZ keyboard, Spotify for music and Vim configuration. If things go well, I can code for hours without realizing any time has passed. If I get stuck, I go for a walk and then try again.

Any advice for fellow developers?

Find a community you want to serve and then make something people want — the rest is just details.



[Hudson Valley News Network] New Program at ArchCare to Reduce Trips to ER


RHINEBECK – When a 78-year-old nursing home resident with chronic lung disease and other long-term health problems experienced sudden shortness of breath in late-January, her sister assumed she would require a trip to the emergency room and probably a stay in the hospital. That’s what usually happened. 

But not this time, thanks to a new program at ArchCare of Ferncliff Nursing Home that is using a novel combination of people and technology to deliver emergency medical care directly to the bedsides of residents who experience sudden medical issues, speeding their treatment and significantly reducing trips to the emergency room.

[Long Island Weekly] Central Island Debuts Call9 To Rep. Tom Suozzi


Rep. Tom Suozzi visited Central Island Healthcare, a nursing home facility in Plainview, to observe how Call9, an emergency care company, has been improving the lives of Central Island residents. Michael Ostreicher, executive director of Central Island, and Dr. Timothy Peck, a Westbury native and Call9 co-founder and CEO, sat with Suozzi on Feb. 12 to answer his questions and then took him on a tour to meet with patients and nurses to see how the technology works in real time.