[Crain's] Health tech startup Call9 expanding its Brooklyn footprint

Call9, a technology and medical startup, is more than tripling the size of its Sunset Park, Brooklyn, office after raising $24 million in venture capital funds three months ago. The fast-growing firm is moving into a 14,500-square-foot office at Industry City, upgrading from a smaller 4,500-square-foot space it has had since coming to the complex a year ago.

Call9 provides medical staffing at nursing homes along with the technology and software to remotely connect that personnel with off-site physicians who can attend to medical situations and emergencies in real time. The company’s 36-year-old founder and CEO, Timothy Peck, said his firm has partnered in cost-saving agreements with several insurance companies that see his service as a way to save on the high costs of unnecessary trips to emergency rooms. The arrangements allow Call9 to earn some of the money it saves the insurance companies.


[d.health Summit] Call9 Co-Founder Shares Insight with d.Health

As the population gets older, the need to develop technology-enabled solutions to improve the health of aging Americans increases. 

Timothy Peck, MD, co-founder and CEO of Call9, will join a panel of industry leaders at the d.Health Summit in June to discuss ways to transform care for the elder population.

In a recent interview on the d.Health Blog, Peck shares his insight on Aging Americans and how Call9 is creating a new standard of care for nursing home residents.

[Morning Consult] A New Standard of Care

Just days ago, thousands of Emergency Medicine physicians and practitioners descended on Washington, D.C., for the annual conference of the American College of Emergency Physicians. In this environment of contentious health care policy in Washington, D.C., and across the country, this conference provides a perfect opportunity for the discussion of win-win-win solutions that both sides of the aisle should be able to get behind.

Call9 raises $24M to Advance Elder Care and Reduce Healthcare Costs

NEW YORK— (BUSINESS WIRE) — Call9 a Silicon Valley-founded startup now based in Brooklyn, NY, has raised a $24M Series B financing round to scale its care delivery model, known for reinventing Emergency Medicine in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Call9 powers a sophisticated, high-touch technology platform and multi-disciplinary healthcare service, which delivers care to patients at their bedside. The company embeds highly-skilled clinical care specialists on-site, in nursing homes, giving patients 24/7 real-time access to Emergency Medicine physicians and specialists, without brick and mortar limitations. Call9 defines new standards and measures of value for telemedicine, pulling the industry toward a new care category.