[TechCrunch] Call9 Delivers On-Demand Doctors In Emergency Situations


Call9, a telemedicine startup in Y Combinator’s Spring 2015 cohort, is launching out of beta today to connect patients in emergency situations to doctors on demand.

If a nursing home patient exhibits warning signs of a heart attack, a nurse calls 911 and waits with the patient for an ambulance to arrive. The average ambulance wait time is 15 minutes, according to Call9 co-founder Timothy Peck, and this can be the difference between life and death.

Call9 has developed a 911 alternative for nursing homes, schools, and hotels to use in case of a medical emergency. The nurse, teacher, or concierge can open the Call9 app to immediately connect, via video chat, to an on-call ER doctor. The doctor assesses what’s going on with the patient, instructs the person on the ground how to perform basic medical procedures and administer medicine, and hits a button to order an ambulance if necessary.