The Cost of Quality Care Through Telemedicine

As value-based care takes center stage, how medical professionals can incorporate technology to better serve underserved communities

Providing comfort to those in extremis is among the most important things medical professionals can do in the field. Being with people at the moment of their greatest vulnerability and providing companionship, connection and support can be just as important as providing breathing treatments, fluids or antibiotics. This is especially true for patients in nursing homes, one of most vulnerable populations in the nation, but how can we make this type of care a priority to this demographic?

In 2015, I cofounded Call9 after living in a nursing home for three months. I was 34 years old and wanted to understand this patient population and their experience so I could better serve them. Before then, I had been an Emergency Physician at Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston and time and again had cared for patients making seemingly avoidable visits to the Emergency Department (ED). If the facilities had the time, tools and technology to treat them in place, it would make for a more comfortable experience for the patient and would be more cost effective to the payer. There were three key takeaways from my experience.