[VentureFizz] Call9: The Evolution of Emergency Care


When you’re sick, scared, and feel like a visit to your primary care physician won’t cut it, there’s the emergency room. While many of us take the ER for granted, the truth is that, for some more vulnerable populations (like those who live in nursing homes), the emergency room can be a harmful solution to medical issues.

“Bringing an elderly person to the emergency room can have adverse effects for their outcome. Not only are you putting them in a location that can be disorienting, but you are also exposing them to all sorts of illnesses,” said VP of Product and Process Design Jess Mink, who joined Call9 last October. “An emergency room, by definition, is home to all sorts of diseases, and a lot of elderly people have vulnerable immune systems, so it’s not an ideal location for them. If they’re able to receive interventions in their beds it’s much better for them.”