[Crain's New York Business] Timothy Peck Wins Heritage Healthcare Innovation Award

Timothy C. Peck, MD, Call9's Cofounder and CEO, was honored by Crain's New York Business and the Heritage Provider Network with the "Heritage Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Award" at a luncheon on May 21.   

This award recognizes an innovator in the development of new modes of diagnosis, treatment and care who actively improves access to services and improves the quality of healthcare overall.

Heritage Healthcare Innovation Awards

"We have a mission to treat the millions of patients in all 15,600 nursing homes in the US, and to combat the $40 billion of unnecessary spending that’s happening from nursing homes, ping ponging back and forth from the hospital and being admitted," Peck said during his acceptance remarks.

"We’ve started that mission and started to execute on that mission, and there’s no stopping us at this point. Thank you to everyone who’s partnered with us, to our Call9 team, and to the New York healthcare community that has helped us get this far."