[CNBC] This founder lived in a nursing home for 3 months to get his start-up off the ground


Most technology entrepreneurs get their new ventures off the ground by relocating to Silicon Valley. 

Dr. Timothy Peck instead moved from Silicon Valley into a nursing home in Long Island, New York. For three months in 2015, Peck, a Harvard-trained physician, lived in a cot in the conference room of Central Island Healthcare.

In return for the lodging, Peck treated the sickest residents, and got time with the nursing home's busy staff so he could better understand their needs. That meant coffee runs with the administrator, or errands with the chief executive. When he needed a shower, Peck — who was 35 at the time — would drive to his parents' home, which happened to be nearby. 

All of that proved to be invaluable knowledge to get Peck's start-up, Call9, off the ground.