Getting a look inside: How big data can advance value-based care for nursing facilities

Gaining greater visibility into the day-to-day facility operations can provide SNF administrators with a wealth of information which they can then leverage to reduce the volume of transfers to the ED, improve the quality of care and reduce costs.

First and foremost, operational data can enable administrators to track the volume of transfer rates, the percentage of transfers that were avoidable, and when and why transports are taking place.

It is also important to look at the factors contributing to transfer rates so they can be systematically addressed. Facilities can start by tracking which indicators suggest patients will be transferred to the ED most often, using underrecognized data points that identify certain patients are at the highest risk of transfers. By understanding which patients are at highest risk for transfer, facilities can essentially predict emergency calls before they happen, and then take steps to reduce transfer rates by creating more tailored care plans for those patients, engaging their families and PCPs early and often, and frequently monitoring those patients’ vital signs.