Jess Mink


Jess Mink is VP of Product and Process Design at Call9. She leads the team that works cross-functionally to determine how software and process can help address root problems and enable people to work in new, more efficient ways. Mink also serves a critical role in facilitating communication and collaboration with the engineering team and other stakeholders throughout the organization to execute those plans.

Prior to joining Call9, Mink led a team of 20 as an Engineering Manager at Chef Software, a thought leader in the the DevOps space, ensuring automatic security and compliance checks as well as leading an open source project in the containers space.

Mink has a strong technical background, graduating with a Computer Science degree from Carnegie Mellon and working as an engineer at companies such as Amazon, Ooyala and The Naval Research Laboratory. While at the Naval Research Laboratory, Mink worked on robotics and natural language processing and understanding. Outside of work, she and Beau, her border collie mix trained in wilderness live find searching, have been volunteering in Search and Rescue since 2008.