What is Call9?

Call9 powers a sophisticated, high-touch technology platform and multi-disciplinary healthcare service that delivers on-site care to nursing home patients within minutes of an emergency.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has stated that two-thirds of trips to the Emergency Department (ED) and 45% of hospitalizations from Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) are unnecessary and can be prevented via treatment at the patient’s bedside, resulting in $40 billion in unnecessary costs.

Call9 was founded by Timothy C. Peck, MD, an Emergency Medicine physician who recognized firsthand how many ER trips could and should be avoided, particularly for this vulnerable patient population. Despite making up only 0.5% of the population, SNF patients make up nearly 20% of ambulance transfers to the ED. Tim left his promising career to live in a nursing home for three months and develop Call9’s solution.

Call9 embeds highly-skilled first responders—known as Clinical Care Specialists—on-site, in nursing homes and rehab centers, giving patients 24/7 real-time access to remote Emergency Medicine physicians via Call9’s telemedicine platform. In 80% of Call9 patient interactions, patients are able to receive treatment in their nursing home beds, avoiding unnecessary, costly and often harmful trips to the Emergency Department.

Call9 has seen tremendous, rapid growth. The company moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to New York, bringing its technology talent along, and is now tripling its HQ footprint in Brooklyn. Every month Call9 is adding new facilities and in just over two years the company has treated more than 5,000 patients.

By the Numbers

Number of Nursing Homes in the US: 15,600

Number of Nursing Home Beds in the US: 1.7 million

Number of Nursing Home Patients: 3+ million

Number of Registered Hospital Beds in the US: 894,574


Call9’s Pace of Growth: More than tripled in size in 2017; Call9 is adding a new SNF parter each month
in 2018

Number of Patients Treated: 5,000+        

Number of Palliative Patients Treated: 500+

Dollars Saved: $40M+

Savings to Insurance Payors: $8M per year in each 200-bed nursing home Call9 services

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“Let Me Tell You A Story"

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“The Story That Started It All”

Watch this video of Mr. D, Call9’s first patient.

“They took care of me as if I was in the hospital. It was remarkable, and it allowed me to have an expedient recovery without leaving the facility.”

— Vincent Miller, Call9 Patient at Beth Abraham Center


“Call9 allows us to accept and retain higher acuity patients. Our facility has a sense of security knowing that a Call9 provider is always available to evaluate our patients. Call9 is the patient’s safety net, and ours, if [patients] require immediate intervention.”

— Kelly Lunghi, RN, Director of Nursing at St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center


“I wanted to contact you directly to let you know how thankful my family and I are for your services. Throughout her time at St. James, my grandmother required many visits from your employees, both doctors and paramedics. She avoided many hospitalizations because you were there to help her. Her palliative care doctor, Dr. Josephs, was compassionate and helpful to my family. [Clinical Care Specialists] Hilda and Josh were with my grandmother this past week when she passed away, and I know that she truly appreciated them. They made sure she was very comfortable, and my family felt completely confident in the care my grandmother received.”  

— Lurissa Drapkin, granddaughter of a Call9 Patient at St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center