Call9 enhances clinical potential in skilled nursing facilities

We connect world-class emergency physicians and clinical care providers with nursing home patients to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, promote value-based care, and offer compassionate acute and palliative care programs.

Combining technology, emergency medicine, and courage on the Call9 tele-EM platform, our first response to critical care is active within minutes.

A New Experience

We provide true emergency medicine at the bedside.

And we do it while preventing pain, discomfort and unnecessary medical measures. We strive to treat whole human beings, not just their bodies.

On-site Clinical Care Specialists (CCS) provide clinicians with hands-on knowledge of the patient’s condition and serve as the hands of the doctor to treat and stabilize patients.

With the senses and specialties of trained CCS on site 24/7 at all Call9-serviced facilities, our tele-doctors can often see, diagnose and treat patients comfortably in bed. Our mobile Care Kits are brought to our patients’ sides to provide results that make a difference.

Cutting out the stressful and often unnecessary trips to and stays at the hospital, our platform allows a doctor in Alaska to treat a patient in New York with extraordinary care, compassion and consistency.

19% of ambulance trips to the hospital originate from skilled-nursing facilities. However, nursing home patients make up less than about 0.5% of the nation’s population.

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